Sewer system renovation technology requires
enthusiasm. Pipe-Seal-Tec.

RedEx®/Technical specifications

Application media:
potable water, process water, waste water, salt water, oil, gas, alkali, acids

Rubber qualities:

Steel cross-sections:
Flat steel 50 x 5 mm; 50 x 8 mm; 50 x 12 mm

Stainless steel quality:
1.4404, AISI 316 L; 1.4571, AISI 316 Ti, 1.4307, AISI 304 L in accordance with EN 10020

Internal pipe pressure 25 bar, external pipe pressure 10 bar (infiltration), suitable and adapted for negative pressure / vacuum

Elbows, pipe tolerances, offsets:

Temperature ranges:

Pipe materials:
stoneware, steel, reinforced concrete, concrete, AZ, cast iron, GRP, PP pipes, PE

Casing profiles/widths:
260 mm, 360 mm, 500 mm; special widths on request

Of course, we can lend or sell you our the nominal-width-specific tool for installation of our RedEx® casings. Please contact our sales department in Gelsenkirchen with your enquiry by telephone, +49 (0) 209 / 38655-200, or email